Access the GAM offline

We advise you to open the GAM offline on Chrome or Firefox. 

Training version:
 Open the GAM here and BOOKMARK it, where it will be saved in your browser memory (i.e. chrome, internet explorer, etc.). We suggest to bookmark it in all the browsers you use.

You can then travel and open the GAM offline, anywhere.  It will remain fully functional in your browser and can be used repeatedly.

When you are offline, you will see two little boxes appearing in the upper left corner of the GAM page. Those boxes do not appear when you’re online.  One is an orange square that tells you you’re using it offline.  The other is a white square with a number in it (0, 1, 2, etc) that tells you the number of forms you have saved, waiting to upload.

Your completed forms will be saved and uploaded automatically the next time you go online.

Actual version: Open the GAM here and BOOKMARK it. Then, please follow the instructions above.