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Congratulations to the users below who have applied the GAM in the design of 10 or more projects in countries where they work:

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The Gender with Age Marker: not just a humanitarian tool 

Our OCHA colleague, Martin Winkler, Associate Humanitarian Affairs Officer in the occupied Palestinian territories (oPt) explains to an audience that is not yet familiar with the marker how the GAM works, beyond a humanitarian setting:

GAM from Martin Winkler on Vimeo.

GAM leads to Improved Accountability for Medecins du Monde

Medecin du Monde in Ukraine found the GAM very helpful in drawing their attention to important program aspects that had been overlooked in project design.  One of these was a feedback and complaints mechanism that the GAM indicated was lacking, and which they subsequently developed.

Inside the clinic, staff now proudly display an information board with feedback forms and complaint forms, and a suggestion box.  They explain the different ways for people to provide feedback including through email and the post office, where the provide prepaid envelopes for convenience.

Examples of problems they learned about through this accountability mechanism included incorrect sizes of medical equipment being provided, and poor patient reception provided by a secondary hospital.  These were consequently addressed and resolved.

_DSC6582Staff appreciate that the GAM ensures inclusivity of different age groups and checks for equality in services provided to women and men.   They found it simple to use, saying, “It’s multiple choice questions, so it’s very easy if you have the information available; but the point of the GAM is really when you don’t have information, that’s how it helps you to identify the gaps.”

Medecins du Monde in Ukraine will continue using the GAM to design and monitor programs, saying its components and questions are an easy way to identify problems, check quality, and take action to improve.

Right now they appreciate that the GAM was the reason they developed and implemented a feedback mechanism.  This not only contributes to improved health services, but also increases staff motivation by bringing them lots of positive feedback too.

Simon Opolot, Senior Gender Advisor, GenCap, piloted the GAM in Bangladesh:

Madhumita Sarkar, Senior Gender Advisor, GenCap, piloted the GAM in Ukraine:

Rachelle Elien, Head of OCHA Sub-Office in Chad, piloted the GAM in Haiti:

Veronique Sainte-Luce, Programme Advisor, Gender Office, World Food Programme, member of the the Steering Committee for Humanitarian Response:

Ayoo Osen Odicoh, Senior Gender Advisor, GenCap, has rolled-out the GAM in CAR

Anusanthee Pillay, Senior Gender Advisor, GenCap, has rolled-out the GAM in Nigeria